Welcome to Benson Baptist Church

Benson Baptist Church is not a building. We are a collection of people who are dedicated to growing as disciples of Jesus Christ in a world full of diversity and challenge. As a congregation, we value biblical authority, diversity in people, prayer, creativity, and outreach. Those who attend our fellowship come from all walks of life, several ethnic backgrounds and hold to a variety of political and theological views. As disciples-in-progress we value daily prayer and devotion, generosity of character, lifestyle evangelism, distinctly Christian education, family, and missions.

Several years ago the people attending Benson Baptist Church made a concrete decision to remain in the Benson area of Omaha. In doing so, we have made a commitment to be a spiritual anchor for the Benson community. Our prime mission is to focus efforts on being Christ’s presence in this neighborhood effecting change for the good of all who live, work, worship and play here. We want this area of Omaha to know the love of Christ by what we teach, what we do and who we are.

We encourage you to come worship with us. Worship time begins at 10:15 a.m.  Our praise team is exceptional and we’re known to throw in a hymn or two as well. With state of the art updates to our nursery, your little ones will have a great time playing and learning about our Lord at “The Clubhouse.” Educational opportunities abound on Sunday mornings for all age groups, during the week in small group settings and on Wednesday evenings for children and youth.

You can contact the Benson Baptist Church office via email at office@omahabbc.com. We would be happy to  provide you with more information.